Offenes Atelier: GA estudio

Exhibición: Festival de Arte “48 Stunden Neukölln” 2019

Ubicación: Taller GA estudio, Berlín

Arquitectos: Tomás García de la Huerta, Xaviera Gleixner

Fotos: David Trujillo, Tomás García de la Huerta


GA estudio participated in the Art Festival “48 Stunden Neukölln”, a forum for projects in all conceivable artistic disciplines found in the art scene in Berlin. The festival both presents and supports art, thereby contributing to  discussions of ideas effecting society at large while also reflecting said society.

From a daily intuitive practice in the workshop testing prototypes of a utopian character with simple materials (ropes, balloons, cloth, airbags, wire, nails, wooden blocks, clay and stones), we work an open source architecture, socially active that impacts the notions of control and consumption that are handled institutionally at the time of addressing common space. Our practice evolves from the investigation of contemporary archeology, developing spatial configurations that emphasize the role of architecture as support for imaginaries.