Reminiscencias del Material

Proyecto: Intervención

Ubicación: Iglesia Genezareth y cementerio Evangelischer Friedhof V, Neukölln, Berlin,  2016

Arquitecto: Tomás García de la Huerta

Through an overlapping of temporally separated records, we try to enter the memory of places to rescue what in them can link the present with the past.

I seek an experience between the virtual and the tangible that consists of two fundamental actions:

a) During the day: record audio-visual material of the space.

b) At night: projection of the recorded material from the day and record this projection.

These actions must be carried out from the same spot. The result is extracted from the superpositioning of the recordings.

The light of the projector on the space breaks the darkness, opening it, but also bringing it closer, tying the previous days to the present. The mechanical prosthesis of memory, the motor (projector), is the element that sees furthest away, which speeds up to recover a lost image.

Therefore represents a way of showing places at another speed, producing something similar to the act of remembering, to seek something in memory that has lost definition. The ‘come and go’ between memory and forgetting ends by defining the diffused images, elastic and open, closer to the creation of a memory. This production tries to intensify the values of reality.