Retina I

Proyecto: Intervención

Ubicación: Lastarria, Santiago, Chile, 2015

Arquitectos: Tomás García de la Huerta, Felipe Sepúlveda

Arquitectos colaboradores: Pamela Cortéz, José Miguel Pinto, Xaviera Gleixner

Fotografía: Pablo Cabrera

What saved these walls? What have recorded on his retina? Blind walls, look inward.

The open eye is an organ of the world, the closed eye becomes an organ of the body. The inward look is the imaginary, the dream. We want to show what this place holds: provoking it, altering its time, entering its memory.

The image projected on its reality, connects the present with the dream. The act of projection is the same, it is to leave a place and pick up another. Is the game of trying to visualize the past which places have, it is the threatening to kill and get on ahead of the disappearance. Retina is then the celebration of that last light, of that fast image that is able to stay until the Death.

The day, the night, day over night. In the darkness, the light opens the space, pierces it, forces it to retreat, to refold, to tell us more about its ghosts.

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